So for today’s #TuesdayTip, I thought we'd talk about something that’s a relatively new treat in plugin world, but has been a time saver and sounded great in my mixes recently. ⠀

Dynamic EQ is something that wasn’t a common tool in the world of outboard mixing, but with all the processing available in modern computers today, it’s a feature easily added into some already great sounding digital EQ options. ⠀

Brand new this week is the most recent offering from @fabfilter in their Pro-Q3 build. I’m still spending time with it, but it’s basically an add-on to all the great features of the 2, but now with selectable dynamic eq in each band. It also has an “auto detect” feature for the attack and release that sounds amazing. ⠀

I’m also a big fan of @sonnoxplugin dynamic EQ (which is native or on the @uaudio platform as well). It sounds SUPER transparent and is fully adjustable with its dynamic properties, making it a good sounding choice for projects. I also know @waves came out with their F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ a while back which also had great dynamics in a clean, simple interface. ⠀

Any of these are good choices to help you make EQ decisions on signals that might have a variety of frequency changes in its performance. Sometimes from proximity movement on the mic (like a vocal) or maybe just in the nature of the patch’s modulation on a synth. Whatever the reason, using dynamic EQ can help you correct a problem frequency SOMETIMES without making a static EQ choice that could take life or body out of the signal ALL the time. ⠀
As cool as that is, don’t even get me started on what an amazing help this can be when you start sidechaining the trigger of a dynamic EQ detector to another sound all together in the mix that might have been in competing frequency range or performance. You can create some nice natural movement between the two parts with subtle dips instead of crazy massive carving to get two parts playing nicely together. All in all, I’m a big fan of these tools and hopefully you'll find them useful as well. ⠀

Brad Haralson